2016 Fieldwork in northeastern Greenland via helicopter

2015 Fieldwork in northeastern Greenland via twin otter plane

2015 Coring lakes near Station Nord, northeastern Greenland

2014 ACDC course in Ilullisat and Disko Island, Greenland

2014 Aboard the Activ- Part I: in southeastern Greenland

2014 Aboard the Activ- Part 2: in southern Greenland

2013 A brief trip to Kangerlussuaq, western Greenland to help collect samples

2011 Conducting fieldwork farther inland, Scoresby Sund, eastern Greenland

2011 Conducting fieldwork in Kangerlussuaq, western Greenland

2010 My first trip to Scoresby Sund, eastern Greenland


VIDEOS (Shorts from the field)

One of the most AMAZING places in Greenland- 79 Glacier, northeastern Greenland

Gas stations in the Arctic

Winter comes early at Station Nord

Helicopter lift-off

A typical "day at the office" while doing fieldwork in Greenland

The edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet, northeastern Greenland

Flying over Storstrømmen, an outlet glacier of the Greenland Ice Sheet, northeastern Greenland

Fun fieldwork in sub-freezing conditions, northeastern Greenland A favorite!

Video bio (Filmed & produced by Courtney Hammond and Dartmouth IGERT)

2011 Truck interview, Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

2011 Typical morning field commute, Graben Land, eastern Greenland

2011 Time lapse of lake coring, Renland, eastern Greenland

2010 Time lapse of driving home from the STRETCH through Oklahoma and Kansas, US

2010 A view from the top of an ice cap, North Liverpool Land, eastern Greenland

2010 A Glimpse of the challenges of fieldwork in Milne Land, eastern Greenland

2010 The Journey Home from eastern Greenland A favorite!


2017 Popular Science feature about fieldwork and meeting polar bears NEW!

2015 Polarfronten article about our fieldwork at Station Nord, northeastern Greenland (page 10, in Danish)

2014 Polarfronten issue about our expedition aboard the Activ, southeastern Greenland (in Danish)

2012 Valley News article about the glacial history of the Upper Valley

2012 Field Notes: Polar Field Services Newsletter

IGERT Polar Environmental Change blog

2009 Kangerlussuaq, Greenland