I'm a Quaternary Geologist and Sedimentologist in the Department of Geology at Humboldt State University. I use sediments to learn about past climate changes - mostly in the Arctic. I research how the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet and smaller glaciers have changed since the end of last ice age (~11,700 years ago). I do this by using two methods: 1) surface exposure dating of glacial landforms (using the isotope 10Be) to determine the timing of ice retreat and 2) analyzing lake sediment cores to obtain continuous records of upvalley glacier fluctuations and environmental change. These data are useful for determining the response of ice sheets and glaciers to natural climate variability on long time scales.

I am also interested in science communication and enjoy having discussions with students and the general public about science and working in Greenland. I have been a National Science Foundation GK-12 fellow and a member of the first cohort of National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) fellows at Dartmouth.